Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wait for it, How about the Congress doing their jobs, A message about not shopping on a Holiday

Lets start off with the Benghazi report.. Or the investigation that never seems to end. Under a different letter head and lead this time by the republican (by god we will nail the White House this time) and reported.

Wait for it,,

What every investigation to date has found.  Absolutely nothing that would either indicate a cover up or even a hint of a conspiracy. That is right Gentle Reader.. Nothing was found that was illegal on the part of the White House, CIA, Or even the Secret Service. Nothing,  that would even indicate that the State department did anything too shirk their jobs.

Well I guess that will put an end to this tragedy.. Only it wont. Presuming Mrs. Clinton runs.. And I think she will. Count on this non starter to be what every low information voter will be accusing of her of a cover up. The truth is only what the far right and tea party wants the low information to know. Anything else is just lies from the liberal  media.. Got it.

Onto other things Illegal Aliens. I wont use the other words that are PC.  President Obama has done what every President has done. Signed an Executive Order. This time to shield some 5 million illegal aliens from deportation. Good for you. Your crime has paid off.

The republican/tea party answer has been no better.. Want did they do.. Screamed foul and then filed a law suit over the ACA.  Makes no sense to me either. But then the republican/tea party has made very little sense since President Obama was first elected. Though to be honest I think former President Bushjr may have kicked off the insanity after 9/11. Hard to tell.

Though if the republican/tea party wants this to end. Get legislation together. Try to make it look bipartisan if possible. Land a Bill on immigration reform on the President Desk.. Oh wait... Right. That would mean actually doing their jobs. What was I thinking. That would be the same as the republican/tea party wanting to present a better plan than the ACA. Not happening any time soon.

Onto other news and timely ideas. Want to know how and why the Unions will be making a big hit in the retail industry. Watch Walmart.. All ready the first steps are being taken. Strikes and push back from corporate. Yes, the Walton family should be proud. They are going to be the main reason for a new age of Unions. Unless some things happen. One treat employees as people. Two pay a higher minimum wage. and three join the 21rst century.

Sam Walton must be rolling over in his grave. This was not the vision he had for his company. This is not what he wanted. Sadly this is what happens in too many companies when the owner/founder dies or is no longer an active part of the company.

As Black Friday heaves into sight. Many people, myself included, will not be shopping at all on Thanksgiving and on Black Friday will not step a  foot into a walmart. That is just me. You Gentle Reader will have to make up your own minds.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

short post. A chicken loses her feathers, much ado over a political action, and a snowstorm.

Our EE is molting bad.. She has lost almost all her feathers. She look sad. But she is otherwise fine..

On the political front there is much ado over President Obama impending Executive Order. But not much more than that. However if Ms. Clinton think she has the nomination sealed up if the latest poll from with in the Democrat party informal vote means anything. The democrats are looking for some one else. Sen. Warren for instance.

I hope every one in the northern States that are in the snow storm stays warm and safe. It looks miserable and not one that I would want to be in personally.  8 have already died. I wonder how many homeless will have or have already died because of this storm. Stay warm out there.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Today a slow day.. A polical observation made, cats, and Thanksgiving

Today was a slow day. Though on the political scene. The republicans are making noises about wanting to sue the president. Will vote again on the pipeline. Even though it was defeated in the Senate yesterday.. No surprise there. They will vote in January . Land the Bill on the President Desk. In the event of an veto. The republicans do not have enough to override the the veto. Not that it makes a difference to the republican party. As this is going to be 24 months of political theater.


It is going to be a long 24 months.

In other news  Found out our cats hated an off brand cat food.. Would not eat, but a little of it.. Went out and got their regular food. Yep, one would have thought they were coming off a fast. Well it was fast. More of a protest against the food being served. Took the cat food out to the chickens.. They seemed to like it.

So no compost for the cat food.

As we march into the Thanksgiving season.. There still is a Thanksgiving right? Though you would not know it by the companies that are making employees work through the day. All for a day of commercial vulgarity and over spending. Black Friday. I am not shopping on that day nor will I shop on either day. Any one that actually peers in on this Blog and is from the US. I ask that you do the same.

If customers drop off on Thanksgiving. Thus makes it less cost effective to keep a store open. The less chance that a store will be open on Thanksgiving next year. So do your part and do not SHOP!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Disappointing elections, a rough patch gotten through, and looking to a brighter future.

Well the mid-seasons elections are over. We have a republican Congress.  Not the out come my wife and I were hoping for to be honest. We have been talking on many thing. One of which is what more can we do as voters. Our first step has been change our political affiliation from independents to democrats. We will be going down to the party offices later this month to start to volunteer our time.

The lesson from this elections seem to be that running away from the president that  you have supported is not a great idea. Our soon to be former Sen. Mark Pryor did not exactly run away from president Obama, but he was not exactly cheering for the President either. As a consequence we now have Sen. Tom Cotton. The other lesson is that voters have to be more active in the political process.

In other news we finally got the house rented. Working on an idea that we are hoping might create a stream of revenue.

The chickens are doing fine. We added two more to the flock a couple of months a go. A brahma and a bantam mix.. We call the little bantam mini me as she is never more than five feet from her pal the larger Brahma.

My mother is planning to come to stay with us. Though that will probably be after the new year. Looking forward to her coming to live with us.

My mother in law died this last July.. My wife survived Breast Cancer.. We also lost our foot baby Logan.. Cancer we suspect. As he went fast before the vet could find the right diagnosis..

This last year has been a series of ups, downs, and disappointments. But through it all we have conquered and become stronger in my opinion. Moving forward as we take each day as it came and getting on top of it as best as we can.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Silent Angel Child Saviors

Tonight my wife and I sat down with the former owner of the house we have just bought here in north east Arkansas. Her name is Lorane. A good womaan that is trying to do something for the community.

Something that is very important to people. Namely stopping and the prevention of Child Abuse.  Her mission is to

Educate the public about child abuse in how they should be reported.

To Stop the Epidemic of Child Abuse by posting signs in neighborhoods with watch signs. As well as the hotline number. (1-800-482-5964) So that perpetrators will be on notice that their crimes will be reported to the constituted law enforcement agencies in Arkansas.

To Change the Laws on such issues as custody. With the aim that a father or other parent should be given equal weight and not discounted because of not being the mother.

It is with these Goals has Ms. Brady has set her goals of achieving a fairness in the courts for the other parent not involved in the abuse.  That a child will know a safe place and that the child best interest will be served better. 

The SACS Website that I invite all my gentile readers to visit and support.


In the coming days I will be posting a lot more on SACS on it goals and the prevention of child abuse.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another wonderful day.

The last few days have seen me start on the business plan . only to end up staring at a white screen as i try to type something. Anything. A letter that might make sense.  Nothing.

I do have a good proof of concept, but how to translate that concept into the business plan as to makes sense. Even to me. So far a dozen starts with nothing to show for it, but a determination of "I will get this done". I know perhaps some one out there has had to work through this at one time or another. But for me this is a first time of having to do this alone. I will admit to being a little overwhelmed as I try to break it down to bite sized bits.

I have thrown away the timetable on finishing the business plan for now. The reason is that perhaps I put to much pressure on myself to getting it done too quickly. Maybe I just need to allow it to happen in a more organic way. Right now that looks like a good idea as any that I have had this last week.

However, I I have decided to call this venture. "Hydroluscious" The bath oils and soaps that make every bath a luscious experience. It is a start.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Worked on the recipes a little. But the mother in law has got to go home soon. OCD or not she is driving me nuts. I try something and she wants to clean up ehind me even before I am done.

Enough. I finally put my foot down. She did not like it. We at least have a better understanding. keep out of my way while I am working and we all will get along. And leave my things alone. She is not happy with me.

Could care less. As long as she stays out of my way. We will all get along.

Any ways spent most of the day looking over ways to get funding. Crowd funding sounds like a good possibility. But I will be look further in to this as I write the business plan. Business plans are not easy to write as I have discovered. But one thing at a time. I tend to take on to much to quickly. Something that I try to watch for as i put together these things. Too many of time I have been overwhelmed with to many things coming to quickly. Time management be damned when you are so divided that you are not getting anything done.

One of the curses of being in business for yourself with no partners is that you start to take on to much to quickly. So I am learning to work in stages. right now the stage is a beginning of looking at the product. Bath oil. But as I am moving into looking at funding. I am now starting to write or rather looking at how to write a business plan.

Well that has been my day.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Today, my mother in law came to stay with us after a week of fighting off pneumonia. She is better, but the wife who has been staying with her needed to get home to get things done for herself.

My mother in law still not wanting to be alone came with her came to the house with the wife.

My mother in law tried to take over the house as soon as she came through the door. It has already lead me to explain to her she is a guest here. Not living here. She and I are not real happy with each other. I want here to get "better". Then go home. She is strong enough to be on her own, but wants to play poor me. She has found that does not work to well with me.

On the other hand if she feels she can no longer live on her own. She and I are going to have a discussion of the rules. One: Any pictures she puts on her bedroom wall is not moving. When she moved in to her house she changed all her pictures fives times. Not happening here.. . The woman has OCD. She bought a picture and three rooms and a hallway later. It "looked" right to her. The second rule is there will be no painting white anything that looks dirty

The explanation of the white paint is rather an easy one. She was married to an Army officer for 30 years and grew up in a military family. Her father had been an officer himself.

One of the ways in which a military base will to prepare for an inspection or a lot of guests on a base. Be it families or a major VIP. Is to paint everything in sight with white paint. If you are ever on a military base. Take a look around you will see that everything is painted white. Including, but not limited to rocks, a rocky dirt path, and anything that is standing still for more than five minutes.

So, yeah, there will be no painting of anything. With out me first seeing what she wants to paint and maybe then.. Maybe.

Needless to say I did not get to any of the bath oils today as I had planned. Am going to block out some time tomorrow. It has been a long and interesting day.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Well another day done. Worked on some of the bath oils recipes. Wife is thinks it needs more work.. She is right.. But still progress is being made. I have the end of the month as a date to to get some the recipes in order. maybe a little too ambitious. But at least it is a goal.

I was expecting the delivery of my shed today. it did not happen. There was a an unexpected family problem of the person that is selling us the shed.

So it will be either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. After that I hope I can get the chicken coop built in good time. I was looking on line last night. I never realized there was so many varieties of chickens. Go figure. All I want is some good egg laying hens.

Also I see the North is getting pounded again.. I hope every one is warm and safe tonight.

Anyways it has been a long day of mixing and trying to get a good recipe for bath oil.
Until next time Stay safe. For those in the north stay warm and safe.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I have been a little busy.. My mother in law has been sick.. She is getting better.

Well we are getting a shed for out back and are as looking seriously to having laying hens. I am also starting to experiment with making bath oils. More on thsat in my next posts.

Any ways we have planned out the back yard for the chickens and the vegetable garden. But those things are for the future. For now We are looking at getting her mother healthy. Which as I have said she is starting to get better. Sorry for such a short post, but that really is all that has been happening.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


My wife and I had agreed to move down south to help my mother in law. Her mother. This decision was not one that wasover night or easily.  Though when an opportunity for advancement came up for the job that I work for might happen with a better chance in the south. The decision to go with my wife to help her mother was made.

Unfortunately, the time it took to get here was a long one. My mother in law as it turned out did not have a place already lined up. Though she was in contact with a realtor there. It was agreed that we would either the three of us would live together. Not something my wife was looking forward to doing. Or her mother would pay for two houses. How she could have afforded this. Was something that was explained because she could.

So with that idea we looked online at the houses that my mother in law realtor had available. We selected on that would both be close and give us a house to have either my mother come and stay or perhaps in time my son from a previous marriage. So with a plan that i thought was set. Turned into a long wait of yes she is going. No she might not be moving..

Finally she moved to Arkansas seemingly overnight. In an effort to get the closing on her house over with. She had not communicated her plan till that day. giving my wife and I no time to make\, bt the hasty plans of moving.

We needed a moving company. We choose one to our ever lasting frustration and anger. What we thought was a company that was good with people and being new to this process. We felt at the time we had made a good decision.

The first hints how much the plans for packing and getting ready to move was thrown into a cocked hat when we got the inotail time. the day after we contracted  with this company. We had been lead to believe we would have up to a week before we would get a date.

When we tried to have the date changed for a later day in the week. We were flatly told. No that date was the only one and we would forfeit our deposit if we tried to change the date. And would have to pay again.

Feeling we that our backs against the wall as we had to get to Arkansas. And could not afford to pay another 756 dollars. I spent the next thirty six hours of packing a house. It was a close thing as the truck pulled up the wife and i had just finished the last box.

At this point the real night mare would begin.

We were told that instead of it being by the pound did this company chard, but by the footage.

We made decisions that day that hurt. As somethings did not make it onto the truck and later would not be able to pack onto the rented Ford Expedition. If we had packed everything on the truck. We would still be short by about 2,000 dollars. e had been assured that the charge would not be exceed 5,000 dollars. When we tried to xcontact the compnay. ithe number was rerouted to the suopervisor of the movers.

His attitude was dismissive and lacked any real empathy of two older people that had packed their memories and lifetime of objects. Well it was a business so who it was on us that we had not planned properly and choose this miserable moving comopany. our fault for being new to the process of a moving companies treatment of customers.

Our fault.

I take the responsibility for not investigating this company more and learn just what a piece of shit moving company this is in my opinion.

The name of this crap moving company.

All Star Moving Services llc.

I will never use them again ever.

Nor will I ever recommend them to any one other than to avoid.

By contrast the people over at Enterprise could not have been more courteous and professional both in Pennsylvanian office at the Allentown ABE international airport nor the ones at the Easton Bethlehem Pa offices. I found them to be highly motivated and professional.

When the minivan that I had originally reserved di not show up as promised the people at the Airport were more thasn willing to rent me the Expedition.

Yes, I transported our pets and lost the deposit when we arrived in Arkansas. and turned the car into the office over at Batesville Arkansas.

But it was worth the drive down.

I highly very highly recommend Enterprise as a place to go to rent a vehicle.

Now the drive down was both good and bad.

Good as I had never driven such a vehicle and was having a great experience in driving it.,

Bad well try driving with three cats all letting you know exactly what they think of being in cat careers a dog (Racing Grey Hound (retired)) who only wanted to curl up on the back seat and try to ignore the symphony. A bearded dragon that was probably more curious about the new smaller tank and why it wasn't as lighted up.

Plus a wife that was sick and getting sicker. All this plus trying to beat the moving company due date all at the same time.

I recommend passing on the cats yowling in the back.. However driving the Expedition will remain one of those memories that will by Gods will remain a good one. in spite of everything else.

Though an interesting side note. All the way down when we told people where we were moving we were asked the same question with the same incredulous sound and look.."you are moving to Arkansas???"

Yes, we would reply, her (the wife) elderly mother.

Oh though still looked at sometimes with almost pity and a well maybe better your than me..

When we finally made it to the town where my mother in law had bought her house. The first question was "You... moved here?"

Yeah, we did.

We finally bought our own house a ten minutes from my mother in law. planning on putting in a garden and keep chickens for eggs..

Yes I am slowly going native Though I still wish we lived in an area that at least had something more to look at than flat lands and a distant horizon.. LOL

Yes, we still feel the pang of loss having left so much of our possessions back in Pa. Fortunately, my son did get his toys delivered to him. My wife ex husband delivered them to him. With out his help and a mormon bishop that that had no cause to help two people that not only were not of his religion, but that my wife is an excommunicate. add to the fact that both my wife and I are Wiccans. I owe them both a large thanks for the money that was lent and since payed back. And for the all the help.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Welcome to my first post.

So you might be wondering what this blog is about. Well it might be about anything really. About living down here in Arkansas. We moved down here a few months ago to help with my mother in law are among some of the reasons for our move to this little section of "god country". We are Wiccan by the way living in an area where there does not seem to be many Pagans. Plenty of christian churces though. So this blog might talk about being Wiccan in this State from the point of view of people that have just moved here.

Though this blog might equally be about our efforts at starting a business.  Perhaps bath oils and soaps.. Is one that we are kicking around at present.

Though in the next post I will talk about how we moved down here and why one should not use a certain moving company. And how it was for us a move that meant more than just leaving Pennsylvania and my son there.

So I will post as often as work and time in general will allow me to do so. Welcome to "A Journey Through Life"